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4-in-4 Summer 2010 will take place August 24-27.

4-in-4 means four projects in four days. This is the basic premise:

  • Do a creative project every day for four straight days, starting Tuesday, August 24th 2010.
  • Projects must be completed in a day, so they need to be as compact as they are creative.
  • Each project needs a name and documentation posted by the end of the day. It should be a stand-alone accomplishment.

Schedule & Notes:

  • 4-in-4 kicks-off on 4/24 with a mandatory meeting on the ITP floor.
  • The floor will be open from ?? to ?? Tuesday through Friday
  • Equipment will be limited due to the inventory going on in the ER. We're gonna try to have a decent set of equipment from the ER.
  • The woodshop and PComp workshop WILL BE CLOSED during 4-in-4. We're gonna try to bring in a PComp work table, some soldering irons, the tool chests and other various tools.

Previous X-in-Xs:

  • Original ITP residents' project Seven in 7 (June, 2008)
  • ITP student-coordinated 5-in-5 (July, 2008).
  • ITP student-coordinated 4-in-4 (January 2009).
  • ITP Resident/Student-coordinated 4-in-4 (August 2009).
  • ITP student-coordinated [1] (March 2010).

Student & Alumni Signups

Write your name to sign up. Add a list of tentative project ideas if you'd like.

Student Name

  • Tuesday: Awesome Project
  • Wednesday: Awesome Project # 2
  • Thursday: Awesome Project # 3
  • Friday: Super Awesome Project

Greg Borenstein

  • Tuesday: ITP search engine prototype
  • Wednesday: Blue screen/green paint oF/cinder hello world
  • Thursday: Atari cartridge blue foam carving
  • Friday: foosball notation system

Asli Sevinc

  • Tuesday: Alumna Project
  • Wednesday: Alumna Project # 2
  • Thursday: Alumna Project # 3
  • Friday: Super Alumnaaawaah Project

Alex Kauffmann

  • Tuesday: BlingBling Phone
  • Wednesday: Facebook Places App
  • Thursday: Ring
  • Friday: Hoping inspiration will strike

Toby Schachman

  • Tuesday: Table tap MIDI instrument
  • Wednesday: Kaleidoscope Microscope
  • Thursday: 100 hanging earbuds, each playing a different channel of a track
  • Friday: Dollar Store

Cindy Wong

  • Tuesday: Building Portfolio Site
  • Wednesday: Data Visualization + HTML5 | Alumni ?
  • Thursday: BuddyPress Site Demo?
  • Friday: Stop Motion + Photography?

Anthony Ptak

  • Tuesday: Micro-controlled micro-phone
  • Wednesday: Switcher
  • Thursday: Digital noise
  • Friday: Jacket

Mike Kelberman'

  • Tuesday: Rebuild X & Y stage for Makerbot
  • Wednesday: Design & Print Coffee-holder for handlebar
  • Thursday: Redesign Laser-plans for Rotobooth 2.0 or make new layout/template for better portfolio site
  • Friday: Design another 3D object or lasercut Rotobooth
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