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ITPedia = a compendium of knowledge by & for the ITP community.
currently containing 9,365 pages

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Getting Started at ITP

Wordpress installation

Camera Information



The Floor

Fridge Rules

Current Events:

Got something going on? Add an event to the ITP Student Event Calendar.

Go to the Calendar.

To edit the calendar, send Gabriela Gutierrez, Michael Colombo  or Alex Dodge an email and they will add you to the list of managers. 

Need a page to organize yourself or a group? Create a new page and add a link here.

  • Movie Night Informal Friday night showings of movies. Fun and relaxing.
  • RubyWebDev An exploration of using Ruby for contemporary web development: Sinatra, Rails, CouchDB, Mongo

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Student Project Links:

Awesome Things:

Courses and Full-Time Equivalency Status

The Recent Past:

Things to know about ITPedia & suggestions for what to do here:
  • The edit tab (in the upper left corner) is your friend. You cannot break this wiki.
  • The OLD ITPedia still has lots of info on it, accessible here.
  • If you have suggestions or feedback you can leave them on the ITPedia beta-test feedback page.
  • Check if the floor is open at Yes, the floor has an API! Check with Corey for details!

Are you starting at ITP and have lots of questions? Check out the ITP Orientation page, then check out ITP 101, the ITP Resources & the ITP FAQ FlyBy.

Are you a graduate of ITP and looking for work? Add yourself to the HireMe page. Looking for qualified people to do some work for you? Want to hire from ITP, check out the folks on the HireMe page.













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