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Made by Chul Song
Made for Thesis Spring '08 with Despina Papadopoulos
Founding Members
Short description mtring is a Locative-Based Service (LBS) which integrates with video and GPS features for those who travel a new city.
Displayed at (Venues) Thesis Proposal Spring 2008, Thesis Spring 2008
Homepage Location
Additional Keywords mobile, bluetooth, video, GPS, map, travel


mtring is a mobile video and GPS-enabled application for those who travel New York City. The traveler can download the application from MTA ticket machine via Bluetooth and learn historic architecture based on his/her location.


1. 50 adventures on foot By Martha Fay
2. American Institute of Architect By Norval White &Elliot Willensky
3. Access New York City By Richard Saul Wurman
4. New York city guide By Mosh Nokia
5. Nokia City Guides application

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