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Stinky Sardine Club
Made by Great Mackerels
Made for ITP
Founding Members Red, Dan'O, Shiffman, Danny, Marianne, Nancy, Igoe, Marina, Clay
Short description The Stinky Sardine Club is an exclusive society made up of the ITP elite. Founded by Dano in the early days of P.Comp, the rich tradition of The Stinky Sardine Club continued with Shiffman's mastery of Processing. Membership to this elite circle is extremely limited. This semester's cohort is limited to 15 new Sardines. This means that only one of you will not make it into the club. If you make it, the Stinky Sardine Club will bring you access to rich treasures and the valuable secrets to successful Final Projects and Thesis Presentations. To become a member and have access to the club, you will first need to find a key!


Current Membership

2010 Chapter founders - The Distinguished Marco Antonio Castro, Keng-Fu Chu, Mike Knuepfel, Mindy Tchieu and Luis Violante

New Members

alpha - Meredith Hasson
beta - Sara Huong
gama - Morgen (unarrived)
delta - Rune

Made Using (Gear) Big Games
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