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The Kickbee
Made by Corey Menscher
Made for Rest of You Fall '08 with Dan O'Sullivan
Founding Members
Short description The Kickbee is a wearable device that senses when a fetus kicks inside the womb, and communicates the event to the outside world.
Made Using (Gear) Arduino Mini, piezo sensors, XBee Series 1
Relevant Tutorials (Fly-Bys)
Displayed at (Venues) 2008 ITP Winter Show, SIG Wearables
Homepage Location
Additional Keywords arduino, xbee, twitter, pregnancy


As a baby grows inside the womb, pregnant mothers are constantly and acutely aware of its presence mostly through its movements. With the Kickbee, I intend to extend a baby's minute contact with the world beyond the mother's body by sensing these movements and transmitting them via digital networks.



Kickbee Press

April 16, 2009 - ABC's Good Morning America piece on "Tweeting During Surgery"

April 14, 2008 Edition of the New York Times - Putting Twitter’s World to Use

PBS Frontline: Digital Nation website - "Kickbee": texting from the belly (YouTube link to video)

Twitter CEO Evan Williams references Kickbee in his TED 2009 talk

NYC WPIX News Video (also aired on CNN) - Kickbee: Fetal Kick Detector

NY Daily News - "Twittering from the womb: How soon is too soon to 'tweet'?"

Daily Mail UK - "'I kicked mummy at 11.38': Pregnancy belt allows unborn babies to open Facebook 'chat-womb'"

The Sun - "Baby's message from the womb"

BoingBoing - "Youngest Twitterer Evar"

MAKE blog - "Kickbee: Twitter from the Womb"

Gizmodo - "Kickbee: Now the world can know what your fetus is up to"

Engadget - "@kickbee OMG, this Twitter / baby-tracking hack is so great. Keep on kicking mommy!" - baby twitters via kicks - "Device allows babies to Twitter from the womb"

designboom - "Twitter Baby" - "Interactive maternity clothing - Kickbee" - "Kickbee - what's the point?"

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